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21. Oktober 2019

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21. Oktober 2019

Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics
  • Sonar drone helps find a WWII Japanese aircraft carrier
    The late Paul Allen's underwater robotics are still achieving firsts in discovering long-lost warships. Vulcan's research vessel Petrel and its two robotic vehicles have discovered the Kaga, a Japanese aircraft carrier sunk during WWII's pivotal Bat...
  • Next-gen hearing implants could overcome inner ear damage
    Many hearing implants won't help people with inner ear damage or auditory nerve problems, but the brainstem implants that do frequently do an incomplete job. Soon, however, there might be a far better solution. Researchers have designed a conformab...
  • Amazon sellers are shipping long-expired food
    Whole Foods thrives on freshness, but Amazon's online store? Not so much. CNBC reports that Amazon's third-party sellers are all-too-frequently shipping food that has long-since expired, including products like year-old Hostess brownies and Teavana g...
  • Bungie pulls popular gun from 'Destiny 2' after discovering exploit
    Believe it or not, Bungie is grappling with another wildly overpowered Destiny 2 weapon. The developer has pulled the Telesto fusion rifle from all activities after players discovered an exploit that lets them rapidly charge their character's Super...
  • Google to fix 'bug' that uploads free full-quality iPhone pics to Photos
    Google is about to patch a quirk in Photos that effectively gives iPhone users a free ride. The company told Android Police in a statement that it's planning to fix a Google Photos "bug" that stores iOS photos in their original quality without count...
  • Instagram test helps you choose people to unfollow
    Use Instagram for long enough and you'll probably rack up a few contacts that you don't really care about -- someone you followed on impulse and quickly forgot, perhaps. You might have a way to prune those unnecessary connections before long. App sle...
  • Qantas completes record 19-hour flight to test limits of air travel
    Qantas just broke a record for air travel, and it may have helped science in the process. The Australian airline has completed the first non-stop commercial flight from New York City to Sydney as part of a project researching the effects of very lon...




21. Oktober 2019

Apple News, iPhone 11 & 11 Pro, iOS 13, iPad Pro, iPadOS, Apple Watch 5 und mehr